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Namm Spa one of the top best luxury body massage in Dubai ,Namm Spa provides best Dubai Massage Service. Body massage , Body Scrub, Body Mask,Facial Care call us and book

Body Massage

Choose between a traditional Thai Massage for a strong and invigorating full body massage, an Anti-Stress back massage focusing on the neck, upper back and shoulders, a relaxing Swedish Massage to release muscle tension and increase circulation, or a therapeutic and energizing Sport Massage.

Body Scrub

Try our Lemongrass Salt Scrub, consisting of sea salt mixed with lemongrass oil, to deeply cleanse, buff roughness away, and stimulate circulation while leaving your skin soft and velvety. Or choose our Date and Cardamom Scrub, using our indigenous recipe of ground rice (for exfoliating), dates (for moisturizing), and cardamom (for stimulating circulation) to make your skin smooth, with an even tone and healthy coloring.

Body Mask

We offer the ultimate jet lag reliever in our Caramel Sea Mud Body Mask, which uses a natural clay wrap rich in trace elements and minerals to help remineralize your skin while relieving muscle aches and stiffness. Or choose our Whitening Seaweed Body Mask to help firm and contour the body by stimulating blood circulation and regulating the body’s metabolism.

Facial Care

Let us pamper your face with an Anti-Aging Facial, featuring our anti-oxidant algae formulation, or select a Soothing and Nourishing facial to moisturize your skin and sooth redness away. Men can try our Skin Fitness Facial using AHA acid to clean and tighten pores, followed by a balancing skin mask to hydrate the skin and brighten the complexion.


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